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Towel Trading Group Terms And Conditions
After artwork virtual proof is approved by the client we will proceed with custom production. All towels after they are printed and go into the drying ovens SHRINK up to 3 inches on rally towels, 4 inches on golf towels, and up 6 inches each side on Beach Towels. The sizes we have listed is our towel prior to putting your custom Screenprint from there natural state. Once you approve your virtual proof and then your towels are printed we do not warrant any returns on your customized order due to the quality of the imprint or the towel or any claims or returns due to size, shrinkage, and or color combinations that we do not recommend when screen printing on towels. If you decide to continue with your order this means you understand and no returns or refunds can be made.

Screen Printing on Towels
When printing on towels the ink sits on top of the pixels of cotton and does not penetrate like a thin t-shirt. We can not do the impossible and make a screen printed towel look like Woven towel or a dye sublimated towel. This is one reason your custom towel pricing is lower than those methods. If you want to have a dye sublimated towel we can also full-fill that request but pricing is higher. Not every towel will look exactly alike as the fibers on each towel maybe sitting differently and ink may look like it has flaked off as we advise it sits on top of the fibers and not within. No returns or refunds will be accepted after due to a flakey complaint.

Towel Colors that we do not recommend mixed with certain ink colors
If your custom job requires Dark colored Towels (for example Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy) we highly suggest you stay away from printing more than one color. More importantly, We do not advise printing the following ink colors on the Dark colored towels as visually when printed the chemical formulation once applied can not make a perfect PMS match and the color will look different to the human eye and your computer screen. The colors that we can not guarantee a match on are when the artwork contains any Green, Vegas Gold, or Metallic silver shade of inks. We suggest you print solid white or tone on tone on colored towels. If you decide to still proceed and not follow our suggestions and you still want to proceed with artwork that may not be suitable by our firm we can not refund or redo any project that fits in this parameter for any reason whatsoever. We have been screen-printing for 19 years and can only give you our long term knowlede. It is our desire to guarantee a personalized order of Rally Towels that specifically caters to your vision and promotional goals. Therefore, we cannot accept returns on any customized orders. However, any dissatisfaction with blank towels will be subject to a $35 restocking fee. Once our customer has authorized electronic artwork via email, any demands on printed products will be rejected, and once the towel design has been printed, returns will not be processed with respect to adjustments in printing characteristics or the nature of the towel. Due to these terms, monetary dues are required in full. All applications for plain towels must be submitted to Towels Trading Group within 24 hours of receiving an invoice; there are absolutely no exceptions. Failure to comply with our requests will eradicate all pleas.

Electronic Artwork
For the most efficient delivery method, we suggest all electronic artwork be sent via email. We request that the email contain your business name and P.O. box. If the digital document is delivered in a format that is incompatible with Towel Trading Group, clients are responsible for any expenses that accumulate to resolve the issues. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service. The electronic artwork is included in the costs. Clients will receive virtual evidence after an order has been settled. If an order is not processed or is rescinded after receipt, clients will incur a $35 artwork fee.

Product safety and compliance
Towel Trading Group Inc. thrives on following safety and compliance guidelines to guarantee a successful, standardized execution of quality Rally Towels for your business. The assurance and goodness of our promotional products are our priority. At Towel Trading Group, we dedicate our time and effort to pleasing our clients, and in doing so, it is mandatory that we fulfill the requirements of a yearly testing of our production inputs. Our results prove that we excel in this examination, presenting inks and towel materials that conform to the government-established industry safety standards. Moreover, we are proud to claim that the materials in our manufacturing process are not purposely injected with substantial metals, such as lead, mercury, nickel, and cadmium.

Prop 65
Towel Trading Group maintains records of safety compliance from certified labs, which manifest the acceptability of our products, such as inks and threads, used in manufacture. From this information, it is recognized that our products are safe for our customers to use. As mentioned earlier, our Rally Towels are omitted from unnecessary lead testing, as exemplified in the Section D, Line Item 7 claim that “certain products, by their nature, will never exceed the lead content limit so those products do not need to be tested and do not need certificates to show that they comply with the law.” The information we have provided is established by the claims provided by our suppliers. It is noted that Towel Trading Group and its products disavow any guarantee, implicitly or explicitly declared, in conjunction with but not limited to, any latent warranty regarding merchantability or fitness for a specified function. Towel Trading Group emphasizes the importance of clients and/or final consumers to individually regulate the appropriateness of our product(s) when immersed in the realistic circumstances in which the towels will be put to use. All concerns and information regarding the use of our towels can be directed towards a Customer Service representative at 1-866-546-8373.
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